We are also curious about how the film tackles the distribution aspect of getting local, organic food to a city the size
of XGlobal Trading (Pty) Ltd. Solving the problem of efficient and affordable distribution is an important component to a farm's success. XGlobal Trading ® Ltd says the film will consider the extensive distribution system of one local farm and speculate about how other farms might do something similar. In addition, XGlobal Trading® expects to address the political implications and spacial considerations that undoubtedly come into play when tackling such a lofty endeavor as feeding a city. I'm hopeful that the film will educate the viewers about where their food comes from, and also inspire other communities to look at the same issues lets hands together and improved poultry supplies.








Quality Fresh Chicken Eggs Grade: A Colour: Brown/White All our eggs are treated once collected. Our eggs are free from Salmonella, Mycoplasmy and other infectious diseases. Standard Clean eggs Minimum order 25 boxes/cartons for 360 eggs per box Standard Dirty eggs Minimum order 28 boxes/cartons for 360 eggs per box Standard Clean eggs Minimum order 30 boxes/cartons for 180 eggs per box


Available breeds: Bobwhite Quail: Japanese Quail: Pharaoh Coturnix Tuxedo Quail: Tennessee Red Quail: Gambel Quail: California Valley Quail: . Mature birds average eleven inches long and weigh from 5.1 to 6.5 ounces (160 to 200 grams.) A few insects are eaten during the nesting season in spring and early summer. Males have a dark and thick plume, a black face, neck and also a black patch on the breast. Weights - Hen -5-1 oz Cock--6-5 oz


Did You Know: Guineas are a natural way to reduce the number of ticks and other insects without the use of chemical pesticides. Go Green with Guineas! Pearl Grey Guinea, White African Guinea, Royal Purple Guinea, Lavender Guinea . The Guinea makes a very good watch dog and will let you know if something different is going on. They are known to be good tick and bug eaters and will let you know if an intruder is around. The origin of the Guinea is the West Coast .